Home Boarding

How does it work?

Home boarding is the kinder, less stressful alternative to kennels.

For most dogs, kennels can be a very stressful experience and they can often be cooped up inside a 4ft square concrete box alone for up to 23.5 hours a day. At Paws your dog could spend at least 3 hours a day (depending on age and mobility) out walking in the countryside and socialising with other dogs. The rest of the day will be spent roaming freely and supervised around our house and garden, playing with our two resident beagles. Then your pride and joy will spend the evening cuddled up on the sofa (if permitted), or in a cosy bed in a warm living room, recharging their batteries for another day of fun the following day.

Your dog will be on their own little holiday while you're away on yours - pampered, stimulated and well looked after. 

"Sounds great, what's next?"

Next, the fun begins - we come and meet your dog! 

For the first meeting we'll come to you, meet your dog in their own environment and go through some preliminary questions. We'll need to know all about your dogs vaccinations, eating times, exercise and note any behaviours we need to be aware of. This isn't just a session for us to get to know your dog, it also allows you to get to know us and gauge whether we're right for your dog. You'll also get to see our license, documents and insurance, so that you can rest assured your dog is in great hands! 


If all goes well, the second meeting will take place in a local public park and we'll introduce your dog to our dogs, let them have a play and assess their behaviour together. This meeting will generally culminate in your dog coming back home with us for a trial overnight stay. You'll also have the opportunity to come and see where your little pal could be spending their holiday!

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